Injection Manufacturing Company in India

Injection Manufacturing Company in India

Injection Manufacturing Company in India:- Long back, injectable materials were a very costly affair for all Indian manufacturers. This was due to many factors including obsolete technology, lack of machinery, and raw materials. Due to this, there was a lack of experienced employees who could assist the company. With the changing times, trade agreements have guaranteed the exchange of technology between countries. This has guaranteed that companies were now able to use the technology to produce cheaper and more quality products. This has helped a company like Injection Manufacturing Company in India, Prigonex Healthcare not only provide innovative solutions for injectable materials in the country but also become a market leader due to its innovative adoption of technology.

Best Injection Manufacturing Company in India

Premium injectables are one of the major reasons the company is known as the Best injectable manufacturer in India. Best Injectable Manufacturer in India owns and operates facilities that they use. Through its heavy R&D investments, the company can guarantee a high level of quality for its users.

The company is segregated into various departments to better navigate the multiple functions of the company. It includes the R&D department, production department, logistics department, and finally the quality assurance department. These departments work together seamlessly to provide the best product to their customers and ensure the smooth functioning of the company.


  • Regular sanitation is performed in all workstations to ensure the place is free of any contaminants. Even a slight amount of contamination could prove dangerous when dealing with pharmaceuticals and so the company takes extra precautions to confirm the safety of its customers.
  • Specialized production for different types of products. This will speed up the schedule and allow for specialization in the production process.
  • The company can provide cost-effective solutions to its customers because it is present in a duty-free zone.
  • Regular inspections are done on machines to confirm that it is meeting all the required standards. Machines routinely undergo maintenance to ensure the efficiency and life cycle of the machines improve.

Injection Manufacturing Company in India


There are eight products under the injectables category for the company.

  • CEFOGIC 1GM – Used for bacterial infections, this is given to patients who are being treated for sepsis, meningitis, and infections in parts of the body. It can also be used to treat Lyme disease, usually Stage 2 or Stage 3.
  • CEFOGIC S – This is also used to treat bacterial infections but there is an extra ingredient present in the injection to increase the potency of the entire injection.
  • CEFOGIC T – Similar to CEFOGIC S, this version changes the second ingredient in the mix to better serve customers who might not be able to take the other product.
  • DIFNOL – It is an anti-inflammatory injection that can be used to treat pain experienced by adults without using any steroid base.
  • NEXOPIP-T – It is used to treat bacterial infections using penicillin as the base ingredient for the injection.
  • ONDRES 4 – It is used to prevent nausea and vomiting experienced by patients due to any medical practice. It is given to patients before the process for effective utilization.
  • PANTAZOM 4 – Used to treat stomach ulcers, it targets the acidity levels of the body. Best used for GORD, heartburn, and acid reflux.
  • RABEPREX 20 – Used to treat stomach and intestinal ulcers, this is like PANTAZOM 4 but with different ingredients.

Different patients will require different ingredients in their medicine based on their allergies. Prigonex Healthcare has designed products to serve its customers with the best product and they want to ensure that there is no scarcity in the market.

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